Unity – It knows I’m afraid!

Feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment.

After opening Unity for the first time and starting a “Test” Sample Scene. Boom the main programme opens and you are confronted with soo many selections and boxes.

It’s like it knows I’m afraid of change and decides to give me all these choices. Which I have no idea what I want to do, I don’t even know how to create a floor.

Ok… Let take a step back and look at Tutorials.

Looking at the Basic Tutorial that are in the Lean Tab on Unity’s home screen. These tutorial are learn as you go, which is great for me.

All four of the tutorials are pretty easy. I though they would be about how to creat floors and incorporate your ideas. Instead it all prefab and just showing you how to add assets to the scene and generate gravity etc.

Even after completing the tutorials, I still have no idea where to start on my own work. How to create sprites, create backgrounds or even how different Unity is from XCode.

The slow painful journey to Unity enlightenment continues.


What…Did you say C++

Oh I forgot to mention the language that most cross games are made from is C++ a language that I have been avoiding since 2002. Well crap… Ill just have to learn it.

Time to get my head down and start reading / YouTubing Unity Tutorials

It all starts with Unity.

According to the wonderful wasteland “The Internet”. There are an insane amount of video game development software. So lets just go straight for the kill.

My previous game (Captn Salmon) was an IOS only game. I used XCode to create the game and it was nice and simple (ha). This time around I want to release my game on a multitude of platforms. So I decided instead of writing one game in Xcode and another in Android Studio, I would find some software that will do more…

In walks my hero UNITY!

(Not a paid endorsement)

Unity promises to do it all, being created out of the hearts and minds of fellow programer to make life easier and sharing better.

And the price is perfect for me. Being free for people who aren’t earning any money…Yet!

Fingers Crossed I hope it all works after I download this bad boy from https://store.unity.com

Lets Make Snailzilla Happen!

The First Snailzilla

The Plan!

Name: Snailzilla

Story: Snailzilla, after escaping from the Karn City Petting Zoo is slowly making her way back to her jungle home. She is a slow moving all devouring giant snail that will not stop until she reaches her target.

Your job is to get the civilians and other good folk out of the way before they meet their sticky doom.

This is currently bouncing around my head:

Imagine, your a happy little ISO Person just going about your daily business, not a care in the world.

Susan Weathers


Chris CruzeNHigh

Nurse Goodhands

You cross a road and chat to some other ISO People.

Then you start to hear a squishing squelchy sound. Looking around you see nothing out of the ordinary. You go about your day like a good little ISO Person. But this slow slithering is getting louder. You look left, you look right. Nothing? You start to tremble as the sound becomes louder and louder.

You try to yell, jump, shake, anything to get help but it’s too late…Snailzilla is here.

SO strap yourself in this is going to be a gooey ride!!