The First Snailzilla

The Plan!

Name: Snailzilla

Story: Snailzilla, after escaping from the Karn City Petting Zoo is slowly making her way back to her jungle home. She is a slow moving all devouring giant snail that will not stop until she reaches her target.

Your job is to get the civilians and other good folk out of the way before they meet their sticky doom.

This is currently bouncing around my head:

Imagine, your a happy little ISO Person just going about your daily business, not a care in the world.

Susan Weathers


Chris CruzeNHigh

Nurse Goodhands

You cross a road and chat to some other ISO People.

Then you start to hear a squishing squelchy sound. Looking around you see nothing out of the ordinary. You go about your day like a good little ISO Person. But this slow slithering is getting louder. You look left, you look right. Nothing? You start to tremble as the sound becomes louder and louder.

You try to yell, jump, shake, anything to get help but it’s too late…Snailzilla is here.

SO strap yourself in this is going to be a gooey ride!!

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